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1st floor 2nd floor

▲1st floor

▲2nd floor

Lobby Rest Corner Exhibition Room


▲Rest Corner (1F)
Vending machines, chairs, etc. are available.

▲Exhibition Room (1F)
The exhibition room displays historic public documents. In addition, exhibitions with specific themes are also held here.

Reading Room Reading Room2 Seminar Room

▲Reading Room1 (1F)
This is the room for seeing the documents in there as well as those in the closed stack system document storeroom. Documents can be searched by the catalogue of archival documents or the document search system.

▲Reading Room2 (1F)
This is the room for viewing large size materials such as drawings. Viewing by groups can be done here.

▲Seminar Room (2F)
The room is 171m² in size and can accommodate 90 people. It is equipped with microphones, white boards and screens.

Meeting Room

▲Meeting Room (2F)
The room is 58m² in size and can accommodate 16 people.

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