Fukuoka Communal Archives

Outline of the Fukuoka Communal Archives

The Fukuoka Communal Archives is the archives jointly established and operated by Fukuoka Prefecture and all the cities, towns and villages in the prefecture (excluding seirei-shi, or cities designated by government ordinance). It is the first such public archives in Japan that is a joint endeavor by prefecture and its cities, towns, and villages.
The Archives collects, organizes, preserves, and makes available for general public use the public documents (historic public documents) and administrative materials which are of importance as the historic records of Fukuoka Prefecture and its cities, towns, and villages.
It also conducts research and studies on preservation of public documents as well as holds the events such as exhibitions, seminars, and courses.

Structure etc. Ferroconcrete structure, 3 stories above ground (partly 4 stories)
Site area 6,142 m²
Total floor area 5,440 m²
Document storeroom area 2,516 m²
Parking Available
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Fukuoka Communal Archives
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